Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Re Re Re ...

Re-Re-Re....for Real

Re-entry. Re-connecting. Re-starting.

So I'm back in Texas for almost a month now. Re-entry has not been that easy. The Texas guys were pretty used to not having us here. Bunny and I were pretty used to doing our own thing. We didn't feel like they were expecting us, I'm sure they feel like we have invaded. Bunny and I both have discussed that we are giving ourselves the month of January to re-acclimate. 

In the meantime I have been reconnecting. I have missed having girl friends. In Colorado I didn't have a lot of girl friends to play with so this aspect is really, really wonderful.   I've been to Bunko for the first time in a year. Yay! I've played with that group for over 25 years.  So grateful they saved me a spot.

Great friends, great fun and great food.
What's not to love? 

I've had lunch with friends, coffee with friends, phone calls with friends. Maybe lots of time spent chatting could be considered time frittered away but no. I'm bouncing ideas. Plotting what to do next. Coming up with ideas for my list. Sounding boards are good. Talking about possible jobs. I need to rejoin the work force. Looking for ways to do that.

Lunch with Ann from high school.
One of the new restaurants to be reported on....

The restarting? Well, where do I go from here? Bunny has graduated from high school. She turns 18 next week. My baby! 18! Wow! So I feel the mama-ing aspect is wrapping up. At the end of the month we go look at a college she's interested in. But she's found herself a job, she is launched. Or almost there. I feel good about her. 

Soooo. What's next? I don't know.   I have some ideas. My list. My friends. It's all good. good.
Stay tuned.

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