The 90x90 List

The 90x90 List:

1. Turn 61.
2. Turn 62.
3. Celebrate that 63rd birthday.
4. Turn 64.
5. Have a 65th birthday party.
6. Turn 66.
7.Turn 67.
8. Turn 68.
9. Turn 69.
10. Yahoo! Turn seventy. Embrace it.
11. Turn 71.
12. Turn 72.
13. Turn 73.
14. 74th birthday.
15. A 75th birthday party.
16. Turn 76.
17. Turn 77.
18. Turn 78.
19. Turn 79.
20. OMG!! EIGHTY!!!!  Certainly there will be a celebration. A big one.
21. Turn 81.
22. Turn 82.
23. Turn 83.
24. Turn 84.
25. Eighty five! Still here? That's a reason to go out to lunch.
26. Turn 86.
27. Turn 87.
28. 88th birthday. Yay.
29. 89th birthday. Yay again.
30. NINETY!!!  Have a big blow out.   Hopefully I will be referring to a big party and not my Depends.
31. Go to the  ballet.*
32. Learn calligraphy.*
33. Thanksgiving at the beach.*
34. Jewelry making- refresh that silver soldering skill. *
35. Cozumel.*
36. Go up in a hot air balloon- and come down again.*
37. Organize all those photos.*
38. Learn to shoot a gun.*
39. See a Polo match.*
40. Go to an ice hockey game.*
41. See a performance at Red Rock.*
42. Continuing education: take a class.   I'm already signed up for One Day U in April.
43. Wear heels while I still can.  Once a week? At least. Been working on this one also.
44. Try at least 12 new restaurants in 2016.   I've already hit one new one.  Actually two. Updates to come.
45. South Padre Island.   Never been. Going the end of February.
46. Travel to states I've never been to before.  How many can I do?    Heading to Mississippi at the end of this month. I've driven through before but never stopped. This time I'm spending a night.
47. Go skinny dipping. Bonus points if it is in the ocean or a lake. Doesn't count in my backyard pool.
48. Have a cocktail party.
49. Fly in a helicopter.
50. Learn to milk a goat or cow.  (Heather, I'm counting on you!).
51. Go to a Presidential library.
52. Plan and execute a picnic. Not a PB&J picnic but a real food, wine, dessert picnic.
53. Write a letter, seal it and open it in 10 years. Do this every ten years.
54. Make tamales at Christmas.  Every year we talk about it. Do it.
55. iFly.... do it.   I seem to have a fascination with leaving the ground. Truthfully I love nothing better than getting in a plane and going anywhere.
56. This book. Do it.   I realized even if I wrote in it EVERY SINGLE DAY it would take almost two solid years to complete it. So my goal is to fill in every single page, even if it takes me ten years.  Which it might. I'll share my stories as I go.

57 to 90: To be announced. I realize that plotting 90 or even 60 things to accomplish over the next 30 years is beyond my capacities. I've done so many things already and I've lived a pretty charmed and interesting life.  So I'm going to take my time, think of things I want to do and add them as I go.

I'm open to any suggestions, I'm open to change.

* Items that were undone on the 60x60 list.

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