Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's a Theme....

Reconnecting. It's a theme.

Somewhere around the time I finalized my Padre plans, scheduled a lunch with some high school ladies and booked myself to Florida to see a college friend, I had an epiphany.     There's a theme going on here. Reconnecting is not just something I'm doing with a few local neighbors now that I'm back in my home town. Somehow it has grown larger.  I think it has become my theme for the year.

And maybe that is how I will handle my Ninety by Ninety. Each year with a theme for the next ten years. Put some challenges in with that. Add in some birthdays.  I said I was looking for a way to make this manageable and this may just be it.

In Project Sixty by Sixty I set myself the goal of making a new friend. Wasn't sure if that was something that could be done, but I definitely did it. Made a few in fact.
You never know what will happen when you wander up someone's 
drive and introduce yourself. 
Make a friend?! Maybe.
I did.

Now I want to get to know the people that have been in my life better.   Take those Facebook friends off the internet and actually into my life.

I've taken some steps in that direction and you know what?  I know some really smart women. Some super talented people. Creative people. Designers. Painters. Thinkers.

And I'm having fun.  

 If that isn't a win/win then I don't know what is.

Stay tuned.

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